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There are a lot of decisions that must be made when going through a divorce, but few are more important than your choice of a divorce attorney. Hiring the best possible lawyer to provide you with legal representation can make a dramatic difference in the outcome of your divorce proceedings. The law office of Anderson Attorneys, P.C. provides experienced guidance and legal help for clients in Schaumburg and throughout the greater Chicago area. For more than 30 years, Attorney Jonathan Anderson has provided his clients with effective legal counsel and aggressive representation in divorce matters. Our firm is ready to provide you with the legal advocacy you need to make sure your rights will be protected as you resolve the issues involved in your case.

Division of Property in Illinois

One of the primary issues that must be decided in a divorce is the division of marital property. Illinois is an equitable distribution state, which means marital property must be divided in a manner that is fair, but not necessarily equal. We are skilled in handling all types of divorces, including high-asset/complex divorces. We are experienced in working with family businesses, and we can help perform business valuations or take steps to protect professional practices, working to find solutions that will protect the financial interests of business owners or their spouses. We can ensure that retirement accounts and pensions will be handled correctly. We can also work with financial experts such as forensic accountants to identify hidden assets or uncover asset dissipation, ensuring that our clients will be able to negotiate fair property settlements that will meet their needs.

Spousal Maintenance

While the financial issues that affect a couple during a divorce may be resolved by negotiating a fair and equitable property settlement, there are some situations where other ongoing concerns about the parties' financial situations may need to be addressed. Both spouses should be able to maintain their accustomed standard of living, but doing so may be difficult for spouses who have been homemakers, who do not have significant work experience, or who have relied on their former partners to provide for their family's needs. In situations where one spouse earns significantly less than the other, a person may request ongoing support payments that will help them cover their living expenses and potentially provide them with opportunities to pursue education or career advancement.

Alimony, which is known as spousal maintenance in Illinois, may be awarded by the court, or a couple may agree on spousal support payments in their divorce settlement. Our attorney can help spouses understand when spousal support may be appropriate, and we can advocate for solutions that will protect the financial interests of both parties.

Child Issues in Divorce

Some of the most disputed matters in a divorce can be those related to child custody and child support. Child-related issues can become extremely contentious, because they often involve strong emotions, and parents may be concerned that their relationships with their children may be affected by the parenting time schedules that may be put in place. Decisions about child custody can also have a financial impact on both parties, and steps may need to be taken to ensure that both parents are contributing to the costs of raising their children. We always seek to put the best interests of the child at the forefront of negotiations and litigation. We strive to protect our clients' parental rights while focusing on solutions that will provide for children's best interests.

In our experience, the best outcomes are achieved when parents are able to work together to reach mutual agreements on issues related to their children. This can help preserve harmony within the family unit and lessen the need for post-decree modifications in the future. When this is not possible, however, our attorney is a skilled litigator who is always ready to aggressively represent our clients' interests and the interests of their children in family court.

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