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Child custody matters require knowledge and experience in all family law areas. At Anderson Attorneys, P.C., we provide legal knowledge and assistance to clients who need to address divorce, child custody, and visitation issues. Our team aids in settling agreements and providing mediation for clients if necessary. Legal representation is also available when two parties cannot agree. We are experienced in child custody court proceedings, and we can provide you with quality legal advice and representation.

Child Custody and Protecting Children

The best interests of minor children are the most important factors in any child custody case. When judgments are made, there are many aspects considered that will determine how parents will share the responsibilities involved in raising their children. Our law firm researches the following terms for child custody agreements or cases:

  • Who the primary caregiver for each child is
  • How much each parent encourages a relationship with the other parent and extended family members
  • Any history or likelihood of abuse or exposure to violence when children spend time at each parent's residence
  • Drug or alcohol dependence of either parent
  • Financial circumstances of both parents
  • Exercised visitation rights of either parent
  • Compliance with child support obligations
  • The living situation in each parent's residence
  • Residents or other people who spend time at each parent's residence, such as other children, new spouses, and significant others
  • The availability of educational opportunities for children facilitated by either parent

Though these aspects are strongly considered in child custody cases, they are not the only determining factors. We have years of experience in child custody cases, and we will work hard to create an agreement that provides the best environment for the children involved. We strive to find harmony for those who are involved in family law cases, and we try to resolve disagreements outside of the courthouse whenever possible. However, if a trial is needed, we will aggressively pursue your rights and the best interests of your children before a judge.

Understanding Child Custody and Protecting Your Rights

One of the chief concerns for parents in child custody involves whether one parent will have sole custody or whether both parents will share joint custody. In Illinois, legal custody, which is referred to as the "allocation of parental responsibilities," is usually shared by parents. Parents will also have the right to regular visitation, which is known as "parenting time," unless there is evidence that children's physical or emotional health may be at risk when spending time with a parent.

In the case of sole legal custody, one parent may have the sole responsibility to make decisions about issues such as education, religion, medical, and extracurricular activities. However, the other parent will usually be able to have regular parenting time. In cases involving joint legal custody, parents will share decision-making responsibilities for their children, although certain responsibilities may be granted to one parent. Most of the time, one parent will be required to pay child support to the other parent, and the amound paid will depend on the income earned by both parents and each parent's amount of parenting time.

Split and Shared Custody Determinations

In recent years, split custody and shared custody agreements have become more prevalent. In split custody, each parent will have custody of one or more of the parties' children. With shared custody, all of a couple's children will reside with each parent nearly half of the time.

A top reason for the growing trend of split custody and shared custody resolutions is the changing role of parents in today's families. Parents are increasingly more open to sharing custodial responsibilities, and they may therefore favor split or shared arrangements. However, child support will still need to be addressed in these situations, and in addition to payments made by one parent to the other to address children's daily needs, parents will also need to determine how to share various child-related expenses. Courts may consider a variety of factors when making decisions about split and shared custody, including:

  • Each parent's availability to provide care for children during their parenting time
  • Each parent's history of making decisions for children and providing childcare in the past
  • The locations of parents' residences and employers
  • The ability of parents to cooperate with each other
  • The ages and needs of the children
  • The physical and mental health of the parents and the children

Shared custody can ensure proper equalization of parenting time, but it is not always the best option. Each custody arrangement should be handled on a case-by-case basis. We can help you determine the best living situation for you and your children.

If you need help with child custody matters because of divorce, paternity, or any other family law concerns, contact Anderson Attorneys, P.C. at 847-850-8899 for a free initial consultation. We serve clients in Schaumburg and surrounding areas in Cook County, DuPage County, Lake County, Kane County, and more.

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