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Why Do I Need a Schaumburg Paternity Lawyer?

If you need to establish paternity, the law office of Anderson Attorneys, P.C. can help. With a professional legacy spanning three decades, Attorney Jonathan Anderson has successfully handled numerous paternity cases for his clients. We handle a wide range of issues that impact children, such as adoption, child custody and child support. We work to provide the best possible scenario for children who are displaced due to orders of protection and other family issues.

What is Parentage?

Parentage is the legal relationship between a parent and child. It often refers to the relationship between a father and his biological child, and if a father is not legally presumed to be the child's parent, steps will need to be taken to establish parentage. While parentage is the term used in Illinois law, it is the same as paternity.

Establishing Paternity

We represent anyone who seeks to establish paternity, including mothers, fathers, grandparents, or other parties. Child welfare is at the heart of the matter. In addition to ensuring that the child receives financial support from both parents, paternity helps a child form his or her identity. Knowing where you come from and who you belong to helps create a foundation. When a father is legally identified, we can help obtain the financial support needed to raise a child. In addition, knowing the family history of both parents provides a complete picture for health care concerns and issues the child may experience.

There are two ways to establish parentage:

  • Voluntary admission – If both parents are certain about the identity of a child's father, they can sign a legal form acknowledging and establishing a parent/child relationship.
  • DNA testing – If there is any doubt about the identity of a child's biological father, a court may order genetic testing. Simple, affordable and accurate testing options are available, and once the parent/child relationship is confirmed, the father will be named the child's legal parent.

Our firm will guide you through your parentage case and provide sound counsel on the legal outcomes for paternity testing or voluntary acknowledgment. Once paternity has been established, parental rights are protected by law. If a father chooses to sign a form stating he is the father of a child, there is a time-sensitive window to rescind that admission. Before signing any form, confer with Anderson Attorneys, P.C. to make sure it is in your best interests to do so.

Protecting Parental Rights

The establishment of paternity impacts parental rights and should be taken seriously. For example, identified fathers have influence in issues of child adoption and child removal. Even if legal paternity has not been established, fathers who register with the Illinois Putative Father Registry will be notified about pending adoption actions. Once registered, fathers have 30 days to file for a paternity action, or they may lose their rights to contest an adoption.

There is much at stake on both sides of the family, and we can help clients address paternity matters correctly. We facilitate an environment of understanding, and we seek amicable, definitive solutions for families in these situations.

For assistance with paternity or parentage matters, contact us at 847-850-8899 to schedule a free consultation. From our Schaumburg law office, we represent clients through the Chicago area, including Cook County, DuPage County, Lake County, and beyond.

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